Fly Your Pennant Proudly

Every year we sell handmade pennants, locally-printed shirts, and USA made stickers to help raise money for the next year's festival.

Locally-owned, bike-loving is managing the pre-order of our merch which is going on NOW.

We will have a small selection of merch for sale at the Kickoff Ride, but we very much encourage you to get your order in before then, to be sure you get what you want.

Meet the Artist

Yuna Cheong | 정유나

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 12.01.32

Yuna Cheong  is an American-born Korean who lived in Korea for most of her life. She has made Portland her second home, where she’s been working hard as a model maker for a stop motion animation film called Wendell and Wild. When she’s not making tiny stuff using various materials for a tiny world with a big story, she’s out loving the food, nature, and dogs of Portland.

Of this year’s poster art, she says, “My biggest inspiration was the nature surrounding Portland and the joy it gives to me. Another inspiration and something that I personally identify with the rider is her long pandemic hair that is overdue a proper haircut. The rider is an Asian like me!”

Her dream Pedalpalooza ride is a “Ride With Your Cat” ride. Has she run this by her cat? “Hahaha! I’ll have to consult with my cat Little Edie and see if she agrees with me,” she says.