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Fly Your Pennant Proudly

Our 2023 merch sale is happening NOW. This year we have shirts, pennants, stickers, and tote bags.


Order by June 5th and pick up items by June 14th. 



Donations to support Pedalpalooza BIKE SUMMER

welcomed all year long!

Meet our 2023 Artist
Dorothy Siemens


Dorothy Siemens writes, "This year’s design honors my father, James 'Jimmy' Siemens, who passed away ten years ago this November. Jimmy was a bike mechanic, tandem recumbent enthusiast, honky-tonk-guitar-playing-hippie; and the kindest and most generous father the world has ever known. Growing-up he was a bit of a celebrity in Eugene - he was well known for riding his bright yellow, three-seater recumbent (that he built himself!) around town with his toy poodle Ricky Chi-Chi strapped to his chest, and my sister and I strapped into the seats behind him. There are so many fond memories of him, but here is a short list of my favorites: He ran a bike repair shop out of our garage, delivered toys for charity dressed as Santa, strapped plastic bins to empty recumbent seats filled with peanut butter and bread to feed anyone who needed a meal, and took anyone who showed even the slightest bit of curiosity out for a ride. Last year while on my first Pedalpalooza ride, I was overwhelmed with emotion thinking about how he would have loved to be a part of such a wonderful celebration. Now this year that seemingly intangible dream is coming true. When you wear a Pedalpalooza shirt this summer, you are taking Jimmy out for one more cosmic ride around his beloved Oregon. Be sure to tell your worst dad joke to a friend in his honor!


Dorothy Siemens is an illustrator, muralist, and printmaker based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is an exploration of form and color -  drawing on warm textured shapes, bold colors, and spirited (but casual) actors to weave atmospheric stories. She uses illustration to understand deeper themes of queerness, self reflection, and community building.

Her portfolio includes a wide variety of work ranging from concert posters, children's books, greeting cards and everything in between. She has recently worked with Portland Monthly, Mother Jones Magazine, and The New York Times. 

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