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Analog Adventure | June 10th, 2020

Today is a day devoted to recording the moment in an old-school, analog way!

Go out on a casual, leisurely, slow-paced ride, and record the experience. You can take photos, make a movie, draw, paint, sound record, write a poem, journal, write about the things we see, or some other creative, non-digital way.

The preferred mediums of recording are analog, so think film cameras, pens and pencils, audio tape, and even typewriters. But if you only have your phone camera, that's OK too.

Think comfort. Blankets/pads/folding stools a good idea, you'll be sitting a while. Why not have a picnic lunch along the way too?

And yes, later on, it is perfectly okay to share your day via digital means. But why not make a zine about the day's ride? Perhaps a mixtape too?

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