Animals | June 11th, 2020

Dress Like an Animal

It's time to whip out your guerrilla costume and get on your bike! Do you have an inflatable T-Rex costume? Today is the day to show it off while you cycle around town. Feel free to reuse your outfits from last year's Unicorn Ride or Cat Ride. If you own any cheetah, zebra, or cow print clothes, Animal Day is a perfect time to wear it! There are plenty of ways to make your own costumes! Check out a few DIY animal costume ideas here. Embody your animal by squawking, barking, or mooing when you pass a fellow animal biker!

Bike With Your Animal

Dogs, cats, parrots, and ferrets have all been spotted riding with their owners in previous years of Pedalpalooza. Make sure to bring lots of treats for your furry friend and some water if you are planning a long ride. If your pet has never ridden with you before, make sure to take the necessary steps in training them to do so. Learn how to train your pup to sit in a bike basket here.

Look Out for Animals

Keep your eyes peeled for neighborhood cats and meow every time you see one! Look for teddy bears in windows. Bike around until you see 15 squirrels. There are countless murals of animals around the inner east side of Portland. Challenge your friends to who can take the most photos in front of different animal murals.

Decorate Your Bike

Grab a pink boa to transform your bike into a flamingo! Or maybe create some DIY spiders out of pipe-cleaners to attach to your frame. Get creative and don't forget to take some pictures!

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #AnimalsOnBikes

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