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Animal & Black Lives Matter Highlight: Black Horse Riding | June 11th, 2020

Today's theme is in highlighting how animals have been incorporated in riding with purpose. How are you choosing to incorporate awareness and antiracism work in your communities of these particular stereotypes with conversations between friends and family? Our highlight in the theme of Animal is on the Nonstop Riders in Houston, Texas.

The Nonstop Riders (depicted below) are a group of Black horseback riders that showed up last week to the Black Lives Matter Protest in Houston, Texas on horseback. This both expands the awareness of the reality that Black folks enjoy time with horses on horseback and also takes the lens away from the element of Policing on horseback that occurs in many communities and brings an empowering message in both visibility and activism. ⁠

How would you like to incorporate the theme today? It may be as simple as consciously taking the Vanport route to educate yourself about the black experiences in your city or taking a second to locate educational platforms that encourage black children to get out in nature.

For folks who are interested in Horses and Horseback Culture, there is a black owned magazine hub called Black Reins, located in Smyrna, Georgia. Check it out and maybe even subscribe!

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