Architecture & Design | June 24th, 2020

Architecture, Green Design, and Housing for Everyone, Hooray!

Isn't cycling the best way to see the built environment, anyway? Sponsored by fans of architecture, green design, and housing advocates represented by "Portland: Neighbors Welcome," this day of bikey fun is all about appreciating buildings. This is your chance to look at Portland neighborhoods through the lens of an architecture nerd while fostering conversations about design, resilience, inequity, sustainability, and the overall need for more affordable housing in the metro area.

Scavenger Hunt for Buildings

Get on your bike and search for buildings of all types, including:

Housing for Everyone

You probably know that Portland has a housing shortage but did you know that there are many different housing types that could help us fill the gap? Portland: Neighbors Welcome advocates for "missing middle" housing including triplexes, cottage clusters, ADUs, and even tiny homes on wheels, amongst other innovative dwelling types, to help solve our housing emergency. Share photos of each unique housing type you come across with our day's hashtags (see below) on your social media platform of choice.

Dress Like Your Favorite Building

Recognition will be given to bikers who dress up as their favorite building or house, found in Portland or anywhere in the world. Major props will also be given to any cyclist who captures a photo of the ride organizer dressed as the Most Famous House in America.

(These folks from the 1931 Beaux Arts Ball know what's up -->)

Design a Building with Strava

If you are SUPER into Architecture Day, why not take it to the next level and design a building using Strava? Here's a starter guide to creating GPS art, and here's some recent inspiration from runners using Strava. Remember to tag your artwork on social and identify your building, if it's a drawing of an existing building or an original creation. The cyclist with the best Strava-drawn building will receive a FREE homemade architecture-themed face mask!

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #ArchitectureAndDesign #pdxarchitecture #designbybike #ihearthousing

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