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Art Thursday | June 4th, 2020

June 4 will be Art Thursday! Get out on your bike to enjoy and make art! Here are a few things to do on Art Thursday.

Mural Tour

Discover murals on Portland Street Art Alliance's website, and then create a route to go find them in person! As you bike around, look for all forms of street art. When you see anything, point and yell, "ART!"

Gaze Through Gallery Windows

It's First Thursday! Head in to NW and peek into windows to see what's there. Leave a note of gratitude for the gallery owner, if you're so inspired.

Create Interactive Chalk Murals

Bust out your sidewalk chalk and make some street art that you can pose with! Ride out to the

Virtual Tour of PAM

Bike to a sunny, comfortable place and then take yourself on a virtual tour of the Portland Art Museum's recent exhibits.

Ride to a Scenic Place to Make Art

Pack up your art supplies and ride to your favorite park, bridge, tree, sculpture, whatever it may be, and spend some time outside plein-air painting like this guy!

Dress Yourself or Your Bike Up as Art

Decorate that bike on UP -- you have four weeks of PEDALPALOOZA ahead.

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #FirstThursday

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