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Bike Fair | July 5th, 2020

This day is for the kids and young at heart!

Make Obstacle Courses

Set up cones and ramps. Chalk funny routes in a parking lot. Play your favorite bike carnival games, like have a slow race competition or joust with your Covid companion/ quarantine family.

Dress Up Like You're in a Carnival

You don't have to dress up like a clown, but... we'd love to see you if you do! Other options -- stripes, ruffles, leotards! Heck -- dress up like a bear or a lion, if you'd like.

Eat Hotdogs, Candy Apples, and Carmel Popcorn in the Park

IT'S TIME TO EAT ALL OF THE JUNK FOODS. Set up your cotton candy maker in your drive way. Dye your carmel popcorn all the colors of the rainbow. Shove hotdogs in your face till you're ill.

Blow Bubbles

Attach a bubble machine to your bike and ride around! Blow bubbles at the park and see if your kid can catch them on bike. Try and spot the Amazing Bubble Man around town...

Practice a New Bike Trick

Bunny hop, ride under a limbo pole, try riding with no hands, etc.

Ride Your Freak Bike

If you've gotten to the last day of Pedalpalooza and you haven't pulled out your freak bike, yet... shame on you! Luckily, we have Bike Fair day to redeem you. Get out on your rickety old steed and delight the city, you freak (bike rider), you.

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #BikeFair

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