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Dazed and Confused | June 12th, 2020

"We all know the name George Floyd. The tragedy of his murder at the hands of police is compounded by the fact that he's only the latest in a despicable history of murder and torture of black men, women and children by white supremacy in our country - and most of those victims' names are forgotten or were never known.

The Dazed and Confused ride is a chance to relive the past - the '70s, classic rock, the Last Day of School. This year, we hope you'll use this day to remember and honor some of the victims of white supremacy from that past. Here are just a small few of the very, very many that were murdered for simply being black. 

Please make signs for them. Please remember them and say their names. They are a part of this horrible legacy. They are a part of the change that we insist on now. 

School's out forever, class of '76!

What better way to celebrate than with a series of bike-related activities vaguely or explicitly referencing one of the greatest movies of all time about the last day of school, marijuana, teen-on-teen paddle abuse, eighth grade baseball, the sport of pool, paint pranks, the last time it was culturally important to prioritize Aerosmith, Martha Washington, money in your pocket, American bicentennial Fourth of July brouhaha, Ted Nugent tee shirts, and "alright" in triplicate?

In what is certainly the worst year ever, we can still have the best time riding our bikes. All June 12, we'll be providing small ways to celebrate all things Dazed and Confused safely from your bike. Visit every Moon Tower in town. Wind down at every 50-yard line in biking range. Hit up your favorite dispensary so you don't let Matthew McConaughey down. Dress as your favorite character from the movie or in your favorite look from the '70s. Celebrate graduates. Blast the greatest soundtrack in the history of movies.

We'll be providing maps to theme locations all over town, hashtags for sharing your photos, secretly hidden stickers to collect, a link to the soundtrack to blast from your bike, and maybe even some sweet deals on doobage! Can't wait to see you on your whip (from a responsible distance)!

Getting Lost

The ultimate ride for the Midnight Mystery Ride tonight...

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the Get Lost Ride, which originated from Amos Hunter and continued for the last 6 years by Scott T Batchelar. This ride is determined by chance. Dare to play the game? Then roll a dice! Odd number - RIGHT, even number - LEFT. Here's the 2018 Get Lost! route on Strava to give you an example of the wacky ride you might find yourself on! #MidnightMysteryRide

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