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Food by Bike | June 1st, 2020

Happy PEDALPALOOZA! What better way to celebrate the bicycle than to ride it to your favorite outdoor spot for a picnic?

What's the most fun you could have heading out on two wheels with your closest family and friends to enjoy some nosh? We've heard from cyclists who have the following ideas for how they're going to kick off the first day of Pedalpalooza. Plan on taking this theme in another direction? Share your idea!

Support A Black-Owned Eatery

Check out this great resource of black-owned eateries in Portland, Oregon.

Food Trucks

Ride to your neighborhood Food Truck Pod, buy something tasty, and head to a vista point to enjoy.

Grill by Bike

Have you strapped a grill to your bike, yet? See how the grill masters do it.

Pedal Potluck Picnic Style

Years ago, Shawn Granton of Urban League of Cyclists, hosted Pedal Potluck Picnics which started at his favorite co-op and then ride to some under-appreciated plot of public space, like a traffic circle or an elaborate parking strip in the middle of a shopping center. Scout out a place you might typically overlook and reimagine it as the setting for a fine meal.

Dress Like Your Favorite Food

That's right -- why not bike around dressed like a hot dog if you're going to be grilling them outside?

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