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For the Birds | June 14th, 2020

The Flamingo Bike Ride

Look here for two flamingo-theme routes to ride on "For the Birds" day. Decorate your bike and yourself flamingo-style and get out for a ride! One route will go to the Flamingo House near Laurelhurst Park that has an ever-changing display of flamingos in the yard. The other route will go to the former location of Lambert Gardens, a sprawling garden in SE Portland for over 40 years that had a flock of live flamingos as well as a bunch of peacocks. More details can be found on the Facebook event page. Hash tags #PDXflamingos #ForTheBirds #PedalpaloozaPDX

Corvidae Bike Club Alley Crow Race

Corvidae Bike Club is hosting an Alley "Crow" Race! Full details on Facebook.

They highly encourage Bird costumes to get the silly on. There will be 10 mandatory spots &

5 special spots to ride to all chosen by the Corvidae Crew. Each of the mando stops will be within 5mi of the center the Burnside Bridge. Each special spot has no mile limit from City Center so they could be anywhere!!! Points will be awarded per stop. Special spots have a wider points range TBD 🦜


⏩ If you hit all hit all mando spots, you entered into a raffle in which we will choose winners by a random draw 🎡

⏩ Time award for stopping at all mandos from your start/end times. RECORD THEM ⏳

⏩ Total points award 🥳

⏩ Silliest Photo award chosen with Roo's help 🤪🐾

🚨 PLEASE FOLLOW OUR FB EVENT PAGE FOR DETAILS & PARTICIPATION - we will be posting the ride stops THERE within 24hrs of the event day so you can get started as early as you'd like. That is the place to post pics & your times of start & finish🤳

🚨Please EMAIL us ( ) if you are not on FB for details 📧

🚨 Cheating is only allowed if it's funny 😹

🚨 Not encouraged, but you may participate with others, alas, there will only be one prize per group 🖤


Corvidae Alley Crow Race 2 Mandatory | A&B | 5mi from Burnside Bridge 1 Special | C | No mile limit

Blue Jay A. Fox & Bird mural - SE Taylor St. & 10th Ave. B. Harvey M. Scott statue - Mt. Tabor Park C. Luther Floodplain Nature Park - Johnson Creek Property; SE 76th on the Springwater Corridor

Crow A. Bird Mural at Alameda Elementary - NE Klickitat & 27th B. Take a picture of Hood (or clouds depending on weather) - atop the bridge on. C. N Vancouver next to Farragut Park - Shotgun a can o'somethan with the Vera Katz statue

Raven A. Thoughtful spot - Steel bridge @Eastbank Esplanade B. Oregon Park - The Circle park C. The Lone Fir tree - Lone Fir Cemetery

Nutcracker A. Sellwood Riverfront Park B. Firwood lake in Laurelhurst Park - find a duck and selfie w/it C. Old lighthouse foundation at the tip of Kelly Point Park

Magpie A. Alice In Wonderland mural - SE Division & 14th B. Black United Fund Mural - NE Alberta & 28th C. Council of hawks - N. Princeton & N. Carey - Extra points for visiting the Belmont Goats - no touching or feeding them per owner request.

Tour the Flamingos

The mask-wearing OHSU flock has moved elsewhere, but maybe we can figure out where it is on "For the Birds" day. So bike around and see how many flamingos you can spot in people's yards. Decorate your bike or yourself flamingo-style and take a picture with the flamingos you find. See below and on Facebook for an expanding list of flamingo flocks around Portland to the nearest cross roads:

  • NE Floral Pl & NE Glisan St

  • SE Division & SE 46th Ave

  • SE Glenwood St & SE 44th Ave

  • SE Ladd Circle & SE Harrison St

  • SE Pine St & SE 31st Ave

  • SE Rhine St & SE 36th Ave

  • SE Yamhill St & SE 38th Ave

  • SE Yamhill St & SE 42nd Ave

Go Bird Watching!

Bike to a park with binoculars in hand and see which feathered friends are there! Share your finds with hashtag #ForTheBirds and we'll see how many birds we can spot collectively on this day.

Bike with Your Bird

What?! We've seen it...

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #ForTheBirds

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