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Trees | June 29th, 2020

If you are a BIPOC person/s, and would like to adopt this ride and make it your own, please email and reference this notice.

To all participants: Please consider a donation to Outdoor Afro, an organization celebrating and inspiring Black connections and leadership in nature. You can donate directly here.

What to Do Right Now, continued.


The Ride: Follow One of Portland's Pre-Established Routes (please maintain social distance if you encounter other riders at heritage trees)

Or Choose Your Own Adventure

Grab your bike, something to write on/with and hit the streets - from where you are, survey the horizon.

Can you find the largest tree? Good - now get close to it.

What does it look like? What does it smell like? What sound does it make? How does it feel? If you close your eyes for a moment, can you pick out the tree's sound from its surroundings? If you brought writing/drawing tools - try making a rough sketch, or jot down something about its nature.

Does it appear in good health? If you could stand here when the tree was little, what might be different? What story might this tree tell? What kind of tree is it? (Hint: you might find a dichotomous key useful - its like playing 20 questions but with trees! - there are also free apps for this but using a dichotomous key is usually more accurate, and rewarding.)

Spend as much, or as little time as you like - we recommend at least five to ten minutes at each tree to get a feel for the place, and its surroundings.

Now, look around - can you see the next biggest tree? (Or maybe there was a tree that caught your fancy as you cycled, or one you know of that hasn't been visited in a while?) Ride on.

Today's Hashtag: #PedalpaloozaPDX

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