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Idols on Wheels | June 7th, 2020

It's Prince's birthday, so pull out your purple, unbutton that ruffled shirt, and work those curls, because baby -- you're a star. Worship another idol? Prove it. Pull together a costume and playlist so classic, we'll be able to spot you from 6 feet away...

Prince's Birthday

You know the drill! So come on, partyman. Let's go CRAZY!

Missy Elliot

Following last years Pedalpalooza hit “The Missy Elliot rose” the Teenage Dirtbag Club returns to celebrate all things Missy! Bike around with your sound systems playing a custom built missy Elliot playlist. At 7pm you will all start the playlist simultaneously at your independent locations, as you ride around town you will all be playing the same Missy Elliot tunes at the same time! Suggested apparel: Super Dupa Fly garbage bag suits, 90s hip hop jumpsuits, and all things wild. Find out more here.

Idol Worship

Which star do want to dress as? Whose music could you listen to on repeat from sun up to sun down? Post in the comments below!

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #IdolsOnWheels

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