| Pride Ride | Rainbow Ride | June 18th, 2020.

Happy Pride Month! This is a day to be your LGBTQIA self and deck out your bike!

The Premise:

Put on your pride gear, and ride! Wear any color or all the colors, just get out there and ride.

Have a favorite color? Select a color themed ride to celebrate the spectrum of the city!


Do you have a favorite orange bike? Love eating cheese and drinking OJ? Harbor a deep and maybe borderline irrational love of the color orange? Don your finest orange wear and ride your best orange wheels!

This route takes you past numerous orange landmarks, including MAX Orange Line stations, orange murals, orange businesses, orange houses, and a ride down Orange Ave. Ding your bell when you see something orange!

Share photos with #orangeridepdx and #pedalpaloozapdx. There are multiple places with orange walls that make good photo ops: OG Systems (on SE 17th Ave just south of the Rhine St MAX station), Garden Bar, and King Harvest.

Orange snacks and drinks encouraged. There are multiple spots en route to grab some orange sundries: People's Co-op, Garden Bar, and King Harvest Hummus (limited hours, but they have a bike-up/walk-up window!).

Route is, naturally, Biketown friendly :) Route starts at a Biketown hub and ends near another hub (but ride is not a loop.) If you do go by Biketown, remember to wash or sanitize your hands immediately after using a shared bike.

Josh (carrythebanner)



Do you love teal? Do you Support Trans Lives?

Take on the Teal Ride Route!

Happy Pride Month, y'all!

Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #PrideRide #Rainbowride

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