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Pride Ride | Rainbow Ride | June 18th, 2020

Happy Pride Month! This is a day to be your LGBTQIA self and deck out your bike!

A poster that calls people to engage in a Pride month ride on June 18th, 2020

The Premise:

Put on your pride gear, and bike around town!

We want to encourage you to celebrate how you see fit!

Below is a general route around town that highlights LGBTQIA spaces in all the quadrants. If you have another colorful idea, read on


Have a colorful ride idea? Here's one:

Black is the New Orange

Ride the Orange Ride route and raise funds for organizations supporting Black and LGBTQ2SIA+ lives

To support organizations that are doing critical work in demanding justice for Black and LGBTQ2SIA+ lives, the Orange Ride is now a benefit for Don’t Shoot Portland and Q Center.

Check out the Orange Ride route and ride it anytime between now and the end of Pedalpalooza. Please adapt it to your abilities if you need a shorter route or any other modification. If you can’t ride this route, do something else in the spirit of being orange-y and bike-y!

Consider riding it as a feeder to the daily Rose City Justice protests at Revolution Hall. (For more details, follow @RoseCityJustice on Twitter or Instagram.) This route ends only a few blocks from Rev Hall. Go, listen, learn, and take action.

Send me a picture from your ride and I’ll donate $5 to each organization. (I’ll make it $10 if you do it on PedalpaloozaPDX’s Rainbow Day on June 18th.) Tag your photos on Twitter with #OrangeRidePDX or email them to me at orangeride (at) joshuahetrick (dot) info.

And if you make your own donation to one of those orgs, send me proof and I’ll match your donation. I’ll donate/match up to an overall total of $500. If another person or org is interested in matching my matches (at any ratio!), hit me up.

Come for the bike ride, stay for the anti-racist action! #BlackLivesMatter

Josh (carrythebanner)


Also, LET'S GET REAL. Black people are being hanged, and our racist system and the people working in it are claiming the deaths are suicide. We're seeing new deaths of Black people nearly every day around the country, but we have not forgotten about Tete. #justicefortete


Today's hashtags: #PedalpaloozaPDX #PrideRide #Rainbowride


Poster based on work by MateActNow

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