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Retrowave | June 25th, 2020

Retrowave costumes

Drench yourself in neon, oversized denim and retro high tops. Dress like your favorite 80s video game character or movie villain. Live your best 80's life!

Now that we're official, you think we have room for one more on the Rad Team?

Don't forget to dress up that rad bike of yours! Have an 80's bike already? Take it out for spin. No dice? That's okay too! Decorate your bike to look like something out of TRON or a time machine from Back to the Future.

Outrun yourself all over the Synth City

Ride to the following landmarks:

Ground Kontrol

Everyday Music on West Burnside

Music Millennium

Quarter World

The Venderia Vending Machine (located outside of Wedgehead in Hollywood)

Control Voltage

Retro Game Bar

Pump up the jams

Blast these playlists on your boombox or headphones as you ride around:

Snap those bodacious pics

You know you've been waiting to shake the dust off that Polaroid and now is your chance! Don't forget to post your pics on social media using the hashtags #PedalpaloozaPDX and #RetrowaveRide so we can party with you.

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