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Scavenger Hunt | June 21st, 2020

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt and just like so many other things, it can be done by bike. Work your mind and body as you scavenge the city for clues. This is a great way to get to know the city around you, your neighborhood and new secret routes.

With this date also being Father's Day, it's a great game for that competitive parent in that life or just have a leisurely ride checking off items you find.

You will find multiple compiled games here for the day of, some with prizes to be won and some the only prize being the satisfaction of a job well done. Plus there will be other resources to help craft your own.



Discover the rich history of Portland's bike culture on this tour of the city as you hunt for treasures, answer riddles and solve mysteries. Since the early 2000s, The Street Trust has been ensuring the safety and rights of cyclists in our city, so that the rest of us can go out and play! SO LET'S PLAY! #bikefun

Love notes and prizes to be hidden all around town.


We Got This Portland

Follow @BreadwinnerCycles *stories* on Instagram for clues to treasures hidden all over the city in popular riding spots. There will be some lush Forest Park action. But don't delay: We reward #dawnpatrol.

Prizes and Spokes cards hidden for you to find.


Bike Tag

If you haven't already checked out #pdxbiketag, now is the time! Head to BikeTag to get the complete rules. How well do you know our city, and can you find Mystery Locations chosen by other Portlanders?

Did you play BikeTag for Pedalpalooza? Want some free BikeTag prizes? Write to us with your BikeTag name and mailing address. Send to:



There is much to be discovered in outer SE Portland around MT. Tabor and past 82nd. As our city grows, so does the need for bike infrastructure in outer areas, not to mention the need for #bikefun for these communities. This hunt is aimed at exploring these areas more.

Follow @wallace_wattles on Instagram for prizes and clues #tabortag

tabor tag
Download PDF • 116KB

*note* If you are not down with BLM this hunt will not be for you.

Prize bags for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Everyone Everywhere

Across the city there are all types of things to be found and noticed, especially when in comes to bike infrastructure and community. This tag will be for anyone any part of Portland, to play in their neighborhood. You can check things off in one day or just notice them throughout the month. #mybikepdx

Everyone, Everywhere Hunt
Download PDF • 122KB

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