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Solstice | June 20th, 2020

Fool's Historic Solstice Rides

Pedalpalooza has had a Solstice Ride every Pedalpalooza since 2005! The idea is simple: we ride bikes all night on the shortest night of the year. Grab your lights, some warm layers, snacks and water and see if you can ride from sunset to sunrise. Previous routes have been 30+ miles, but ride whatever distance is comfortable for you.

Goth Solstice

Goths have been well adapted to social and physical distancing for some time now. Perhaps you too can embrace the solitude... We love the dark. The macabre. Rituals. Dressing in black and lace. Join Goth Solstice by communing with the dead and riding in the dark. Visit cemeteries, expired business, lonely places and dark parks. Here's a public google map for suggestions, feel free to add locations

Longest Ride of the Year

How many miles can you pack in on the longest day of the year? Try riding from sun up to sun down, ride through all 6 quadrants (hello South Portland!), ride somewhere you never have before, or do laps in your neighborhood and see how many personal records you can break in Strava. Challenge yourself!

Long Distance Riding Tips

  • Check your bike. Make sure your brakes and gears are in good shape and your tires are properly inflated. If you're riding all night, make sure the batteries in your lights are fully charged.

  • Bring a spare tube, tire lever, mini pump and multitool, or have someone you can call to pick you up if you get a flat. If you break down near a bike shop, they may be able to help, but be aware that bike shops are in their busiest season and may have limited staff and hours during the pandemic.

  • Bring plenty of snacks and water. If you're riding at night, a hot drink in a thermos might be nice.

  • Consider bringing: a face mask, hand sanitizer, layers for temperature changes, sunscreen, a portable phone charger, and a blanket to sit on if you'll be stopping in a park.

  • Try to avoid stopping at crowded places to reduce the spread of covid 19.

  • Plan for where you will use the restroom if you need it, as public restroom access is currently limited. Here is a list of locations where the city has placed portable toilets and handwashing stations for public use during the pandemic, and a list of parks with restrooms that are open. Here is an interactive map of the locations on both lists.

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